Frančiška was my grandmother’s name but I always called her Fani. As a child, she told me she lived on the farm just above Škofja Loka, and I can only vaguely remember her house. Actually I don’t know if I was ever really there or if I only imagined it so vividly from her stories as a child. Almost as clear and at the same time distant is the memory of staring at a fire salamander with my cousin and sister on the road that led past her house just a year or so later when her house was demolished.  

I found the drawers that now form Frančiška sideboard in a half-demolished house on the other part of Slovenia. Between the collapsing stone walls stood a kitchen cupboard with only drawers well preserved. Back at the workshop I wanted to remove the old paint from them first, but then, after the application of color solvent, I noticed a beautiful salamander like pattern and I decided to keep it. 


My family has moved three times. Wherever we went, we also took the black living room set with us that my parents bought shortly after they got married. To be honest, I never particularly liked it, but over the years I got used to it. So whenever my parents decided to give it away I felt a little bit upset about it. At the same time, I was looking for a living room sideboard myself, so I thought I could use part of the black one. The top three cabinets from the set seemed just the right size, and I decided to add legs I stored for a long time instead of mounting them directly on the wall again. After replacing the handles and adding a stone shelf on top, the sideboard suddenly seemed a completely new piece that reminds me of the home I’m now creating myself.